Edith Cavell Trail

Altitude: 2,300 m (7,546 ft)
Trailhead: HI-Mount Edith Cavell Wilderness Hostel
Trail used: Edith Cavell Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation gain: 526 m (1,726 ft)
Distance: 10 km (6.2 mi) round trip
Time: 3 hours
Price: Free
– Cavell Lake at the bottom
– Angel glacier

I was in the Jasper area for only 2 days and I was looking for a little hike before heading back to Calgary. I decided to explore the Edith Cavell road which, by itself, totally worth the ride there. The road is located only 15 minutes south from Jasper near the Icefield Parway. There is a free parking at the end of the road that can be crowded during the summer, but when we were there at around 10 am, there was a lot of room.

Edith Cavell road

From there you start the hike to get to Edith Cavell lake. I didn’t know what to expect going there but I was impressed by the beauty of the nature! The Edith Cavell lake with the ice and glaciers on the mountains were the best things I saw in the area.

Edith Cavell lake

After seeing the lake, you must continue your ascent for the Cavell Meadows Summit. You’ll see some little wildlife, like mole and cute pikas and you’ll pass through the boreal forest untill you reach tree line.

Edit Cavell tree line

From there, you’ll have the choice between 2 routes, one easier but longer and the one we chose, the shortest but hardest. You’ll eventually get to the alpine zone.

Edith cavell

The last stretch is pretty steep.

Edith cavell

And you’ll see magnificent landscapes!

Edith Cavell

You’ll will finally reach a little hill where the « official » trail ends. It’s not really a summit on its own but the view there is magnificent. It you want more a more challenging experience, you can continue on that trail for a 2 kilometers to get to the real summit which is at 2,550 meters.

Cavell Meadows

When you get down, don’t forget to go see the Athabasca river.


The Athabasca Falls are not too far from there and it really worth it.

Athabasca Falls

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